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Selicatic detergent for wool, silk, batiste, wild silk, bourette poss, down, sheepskin, soap -free, very concentrated, also suitable for machine wash, natural lavender air

Almawin wool & silk, 0.75l

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For those who value sustainability and eco-friendliness in their cleaning routine, Almawin wool & silk detergent is a must-have addition. Made with over 95% recycled plastic from yellow bins, this detergent is not only gentle on your skin, but also on the environment. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a biodegradable solution that will leave your delicate wool and silk garments feeling brand new.

One bottle of Almawin wool & silk detergent is enough for up to 50 wash loads in the washing machine or 100 hand washes, making it a highly productive and cost-effective option. And with its optimized formula, you can trust that your sensitive fabrics will receive the best possible care.

But the benefits of Almawin don't stop there. The company is committed to sustainability in every aspect of its operations, using recycled materials for their packaging and FSC-certified boxes and papers. It's no wonder they've earned the prestigious Green Brand seal for their dedication to a more sustainable future.

Make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning with Almawin wool & silk detergent, and experience the difference for yourself. Your clothes and the planet will thank you!

Almawin Wool & Silk Detergent - Sustainable and Effective Cleaning