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Core soap based on purely herbal oils, good for hand cleaning and also for stain pretreatment e.g. on shirt collar and and cuffs

4 x Almawin Kern soap, purely vegetable, 100g

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For you and yours! We do everything we can to combine very good performance with the highest possible skin and environmental compatibility. Almawin products are eco-certified, biodegradable concentrates. The carefully selected natural raw materials are vegetable and mineral origin. And wherever possible, the raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation. Almawin products have been successfully tested. This guarantees you the good skin tolerance. Recycled packaging and the use of FSC-certified boxes and papers made of waste paper are standard. Since 2018, bottles made of 95 % (PE) or 100 % (PET) recycled plastic waste have also been used: the environmental heroes! To be recognized by the small green leaf. In 2017, Almawin was again awarded the Green Brand seal for sustainability. Almawin Kerneifung is very suitable for personal care and handwashed from our wealth of experience. It does not dry out the skin. We recommend the stain pretreatment when the laundry is heavily dirty as follows: Simply rub in the laundry with a core soap, if necessary brush with a soft brush, have it taken on and then wash in the washing machine. For the stain treatment: moisten, rub in with core soap and 10 - Let it work for 15 minutes. Possibly work carefully with a damp cloth stain. Then rinse thoroughly or wash the garment in the washing machine. For colorful textiles, check for color fastness in a hidden place. For body hygiene: gently cleaning hand soap for the household or the workshop. In effect: for pretreatment of spots and for the mild cleaning of hands, face and body. Application: for household, hobby, workshop and for pre -cleaning heavily dirty laundry. Ideally suited for hand and body cleaning. Note: The Almawin Kern soap has a fresh weight of at least 100 g. However, soap can lose weight during drying. Tip: With the Almawin Kern soap, the soap depot of the dream magic Eco Schwams can be recharged again. In the case of hand or personal hygiene, it keeps the skin in a natural balance and does not dry it out. It is also ideal for stain pretreatment on textiles. With a delicate natural lemon scent.

Almawin Kern Soap - Eco-certified, Vegetable-based, Gentle Cleansing