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Household sponge consisting of 3 layers. Soft viscose fleece for gentle cleaning for sensitive surfaces, absorbent sponge core made of predominantly sunflower oil, stainless steel wool with soap for cleaning stubborn crusts and dirt.

Almawin Dream Magic Eco Schwam, 2st

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For you and yours! We do everything we can to combine very good performance with the highest possible skin and environmental compatibility. Almawin products are eco-certified, biodegradable concentrates. The carefully selected natural raw materials are vegetable and mineral origin. And wherever possible, the raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation. Almawin products have been successfully tested. This guarantees you the good skin tolerance. Recycled packaging and the use of FSC-certified boxes and papers protect resources and are signs of our sustainable business. In 2015/2016, Almawin was again awarded the Green Brand seal for sustainability. Traumzauber Eco sponge with a wash cut-soap depot. The 3-layer sponge has soaked a high-quality stainless steel wool side with soap for intensive cleaning. On the other outside, a fleece made of vegetable raw materials ensures gentle strip -free cleanliness. The heart in the middle forms a absorbent sponge made of largely sunflower oil, certified by Oeko-Tex. Application: moisture of the sponge before use, this creates soap foam. High quality stainless steel wool loosens dirt and fat with the soap. With the green fleece, gentle cleaning or wiping is possible. Always check material compatibility in an inconspicuous area before application. In effect: the stainless steel wool is particularly effective for eliminating stubborn incrustations. The fleece side made of cotton is suitable for wiping and the gentle cleaning. Use: Ideal for cleaning stainless steel pots or sink. Removed burned in pots, pans, cushion shapes or sheets. Eliminated burned cooking remains on the hob. Also suitable for car rims, fireplace windows, grill grooves, garden furniture and much more tip: The soap depot can be replenished with the Almawin or clearly core soap. Simply grate the moistened soap onto the stainless steel wool and the sponge is ready for use again. The three-layer dream magic Eco sponge looks twice: the stainless steel wool with a wash penny-soap depot solves stubborn crusts particularly effective. The fleece side made of cotton is ideal for wiping and for the gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces. Plus, the Oeko-Tex-certified sponge is very absorbent and mostly consists of sunflower oil and is awarded by Vegan Society.

Almawin Dream Magic Eco Sponge