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Rinseed detergent for dishes by hand, very productive. Pleasant fruity fragrance after sea buckthorn and mandarins.

2 x Almawin detergent sanddorn mandarin, 1l

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Looking for a powerful and eco-friendly detergent to keep your dishes clean and your skin happy? Look no further than Almawin's detergent sanddorn mandarin! This amazing product is specially formulated with natural, vegetable, and mineral ingredients that are not only tough on grime but also gentle on your skin. With sanddorn extract and high-quality wheat proteins, this detergent is designed to protect your skin while leaving your dishes sparkling clean. And with the refreshing scent of mandarin and orange oil, you'll love the fragrance experience that comes with every wash.

At Almawin, they take sustainability seriously. That's why they use recycled packaging and FSC-certified materials for their products, and have been using up to 100% recycled plastic waste to create their bottles since 2018. With their eco-friendly approach, you can feel good about using this detergent knowing that you're doing your part for the planet.

So why settle for harsh chemicals and damaging detergents when you can have the power of nature in every wash? Try Almawin's detergent sanddorn mandarin today and join the eco-friendly revolution! Your skin, your dishes, and the environment will thank you.

Almawin Eco-Friendly Detergent - Powerful & Gentle Sanddorn Mandarin Formula