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Almawin Color detergent washes colorful fiber low, ensures permanent color brilliance. It is suitable for textiles from natural, mixed and art fibers of 30 °- 60 ° C. Without enzymes. Fine linden flower fragrance.

2 x Almawin Color, 750ml

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Looking for an eco-friendly laundry detergent that can deliver amazing results? You've found it with Almawin Color! This fantastic laundry detergent is not only great for your clothes, but it's also great for the planet. Made from 100% recycled plastic from the yellow bin, Almawin Color detergent helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

This eco-certified and biodegradable formula of vegetable and mineral origin is designed to be gentle on both your clothes and the environment. With organic cultivation preferred whenever possible, this detergent ensures optimal skin and environmental compatibility.

With Almawin Color detergent, you can say goodbye to faded colors and hello to permanent brilliance. This powerful and effective concentrate washes colorful fibers low and guarantees that your clothes retain their vibrancy after each wash. Suitable for all types of fabric, from cotton to synthetic fibers, this detergent is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

One 750ml bottle of Almawin Color detergent can provide enough detergent for up to 10 wash loads, making it a great value. Using it is easy, too; just consult the included dosing table to help you get the right amount for each wash. And when you're done using it, simply recycle the bottle, and it will become a new one again - isn't that amazing?

For even better results, why not pair Almawin Color detergent with Almawin gall soap or core soap as a pre-treatment? Your clothes will look as good as new in no time.

Join the sustainable laundry revolution and make a difference with Almawin Color detergent. Add it to your cart today and enjoy clean, brilliantly-colored clothes while helping to save the environment. Don't miss out on this amazing product!

Almawin Color: Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent for Vibrant Clothes