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The delicious allos amaranth crispbread is particularly gently produced using the so -called ice cracking process. Here, yeast can be completely dispensed with.

3 x Allos Amaranth Knäcke, 250g

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If the crispbread really crunches, it must be our Amaranth cracker. Crispy-thin and loose-fluffy. His secret? The gentle production in the "ice crane process". Here the chilled dough is taken air, which makes it easy to relax without the use of yeast. And an all -rounder is our allos crackle too: whether sweet or hearty spreads, fresh vegetables or cheese, the combinations are almost infinite. What are you still waiting for? Here, yeast can be completely dispensed with.

Allos Amaranth Knäcke, 250g - Crunchy Gluten-Free Crispbread