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6 x Rosengarten coconut marzipan hearts, 65g

6 x Rosengarten coconut marzipan hearts, 65g

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Indulge in the exquisite combination of delicious coconut-marzipan hearts embraced by rich dark chocolate. Whether you enjoy them in your morning muesli, as a delightful treat on their own, or as a delectable addition to pastries, our carefully selected almonds bring an irresistibly crunchy texture to every bite. These almond marzipan sweets are truly a treat for all confectionery enthusiasts.

With a generous marzipan content of 30%, our hearts are made with the finest ingredients. Almonds take center stage, comprising 52% of the marzipan, with the perfect balance of water and inverted syrup. The velvety dark chocolate coating, accounting for 27% of each heart, is made from high-quality cocoa mass, delicately sweetened with pipe-ear sugar and blended with cocoa butter for a lusciously smooth finish.

To add a touch of tropical delight, we've included 15% coconut flakes, which perfectly complement the almond-marzipan filling. Our hearts are sweetened with a combination of glucose fructose syrup and glucose syrup, ensuring a balanced flavor profile. Infused with a delicate hint of rose water and a touch of alcohol, this confectionery masterpiece offers a truly delightful sensory experience.

With a minimum cocoa content of 60% in the dark chocolate shell, these coconut-marzipan hearts deliver a satisfyingly rich and chocolatey taste. Each bite is a journey into pure bliss, with the perfect harmony of flavors and textures.

Whether you savor them on their own or incorporate them into your favorite recipes, these coconut-marzipan hearts are a must-have for every lover of fine confections. Treat yourself to this crunchy and irresistibly delicious treat today!

Coconut-Marzipan Hearts: Delicious Almond Chocolates with Coconut Flakes