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With 85 % vegetables - no salt. Perfect for the finishing touch! Beltane vegetable base has a harmonizing effect and naturally underlines the taste of the ingredients. Beltane vegetable base gives each dish a nice shine and a slightly bound sauce.

5 x Beltane vegetable base ceramic box, 80g

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Introducing our Beltane Vegetable Base Ceramic Box - a true masterpiece for any culinary enthusiast! Crafted with sustainable and noble ceramics, this exquisite box comes complete with a cork closure, making it a stunning addition to your kitchen and dining table.

Containing 85.5% delicious vegetables, including onions, celery, carrots, and more, this vegetable base makes for the perfect seasoning in all your favorite dishes. And with added Petersilie, turmeric, dill, pepper, and laurel, it's packed with flavor and free from both salt and added sugar.

But the Beltane Vegetable Base Ceramic Box is more than just a seasoning. The pretty refill pack is also ideal as a valuable gift and practical for storage. And when purchased as a set, it's sure to impress both the eye and the palate.

Elevate your meals with our Beltane Vegetable Base Ceramic Box - a sustainable and delicious choice for any cooking enthusiast.

Beltane Vegetable Base Ceramic Box - Sustainable and Delicious Seasoning