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The fix for everyone who wants to combine fast cuisine and noble spices. With natural ingredients and in the best organic quality.

5 x Beltane Biofix vegetable goulash, 18.6g

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Gulasch goes vegan! All -round full, vegan and simply in the preparation, it invites you to feast. With Beltne Biofix vegetable goulash, it is perfectly possible to enjoy the popular Hungarian Schmoricht whole vegan. The selected variety of spices and herbs brings the typical spice to the table. The whole family likes that.1. Cut the potatoes, vegetables and onions into pieces, provide water. 2. Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil together with the seasoning mixture 1 (small bag) in a pan. Then heat the hotplate. As soon as the spices exude your fragrance, add potatoes, vegetables and onions and fry. 3. Pour in the water, stir in the tomato paste and seasoning mixture 2 (large bag) and bring to the boil briefly. Place in a baking dish and cover in the oven at 200 ° C (170 ° C circulating air). Cover 50–60 min. Würz mix 1 for frying: rock salt, caraway*, coriander*, garlic*, paprika*, chilli*, nutmeg blossom*, lorbeer *, Cinnamon*seasoning 2 for cooking: rice flour*, rock salt, paprika*, celery*, garlic*, raw pipe sugar*, leek*, pepper*, Majoran*, parsley*, Liebstöl*, sunflower oil*

Vegan Vegetable Goulash Mix - Beltane Biofix