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The fix for everyone who wants to combine fast cuisine and noble spices. With natural ingredients and in the best organic quality.

5 x Beltane Biofix Tajine Morocco, 23.6g

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To see the fresh vegetables in the bright yellow Biofix Tajine Morocco and pick up the fragrance makes you want to snack on a tour of the spice bazaar and fragrant dishes from banana leaves. In addition to this Moroccan curry, the Beltane diversity offers many other aromatic and round taste experiences from oriental cuisine. 1. Cut the vegetables into cubes, provide water. 2. Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil together with the seasoning mixture 1 (small bag) in a pan. Then heat the hotplate. As soon as the spices exude your fragrance, add vegetables and nuts and fry. 3. Pour in the water, stir in the spice mixture 2 (large bag) and cook when the lid is closed in about 6 minutes. Stir occasionally. Tip: Couscous, rice or flatbread mixture 1 for fry: turmeric*, coriander*, garlic*, cumin*, Bockshorn clover*, mustard*, pepper*, ginger*, chilli*seasoning mix for cooking: rice flour* , Onions*, potato thickness*, celery*, raw-pipe sugar*, carrots*, parsley*, Liebstöl*, basil*, pepper*, sunflower oil*, separator: silicium dioxide

Beltane Biofix Tajine Morocco - Aromatic Moroccan Curry Mix