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These soups have it all - and everything: fragrance, warmth, vitamins ... soup full in taste. Simply smell for in between or a cozy evening in the cuddly sweater.

5 x Beltane Biofix Minestrone, 19.1g

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Beltane Biofix Soup meals - not only at the cold season a simple, successful strengthening. Colorful vegetables, fragrance and warmth full of the Beltans soup kitchen. Beltane Biofix Minestrone with bean - the white fagioli are as popular in Italy as the minestrone. A double original.1. Cut the vegetables into cubes. Provide water and rinse beans in a sieve. 2. Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil (e.g. olive oil) together with the seasoning mixture 1 (small bag) in a saucepan. Then heat the hotplate. As soon as the spices exude your fragrance, add vegetables and fry. 3. Pour in the passed tomatoes and water, stir in the spice mixture 2 (large bag) and cover it for 10 minutes. Add the beans and simmer for another 5 minutes. Stir occasionally. Tip: Replace the white beans with cooked potatoes or pasta for a change. Warm mixture 1 to fry: rock salt, garlic*, rosemary*, coriander*, oregano*, turmeric*, thyme*, laurel*seasoning mix for cooking: stone salt, onions* , Rice flour*, potato thickness*, celery*, paprika*, raw-pipe sugar*, parsley*, basil*, pepper*, carrots*, Liebstöckel*, sage*, separating agent: silicium dioxide, sunflower oil*, dill*, acidic acid: citric acid

Beltane Biofix Minestrone Soup Mix with White Beans