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5 x Beltane Biofix Gyros, 17.1g

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Greek cuisine has an international star: gyros. The Greek classic succeeds in the pan with Beltans Biofix Gros. Paprika and onions perfectly complement the crispy fried poultry and bring a fresh note. With a yoghurt lemon dipp and flatbread-a Greek poem.1. Roughly chop the onions, cut the peppers into strips. Provide water. 2. Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil (e.g. olive oil) together with the seasoning mixture 1 (small bag) in a non -liable pan. Then heat the hotplate. As soon as the spices exude their fragrance, add the sliced ​​meat and fry vigorously. Add onions and peppers and roast further. 3. Stir in the water together with the seasoning mixture 2 (large bag) and cook in 5 minutes when the lid is closed. Then reduce liquid at higher temperature and fry the meat crisp. Stir occasionally. Serve with sour cream. Tip: Fry with fresh garlic and serve with pita flat bread. Warm mixture 1 to fry: garlic*, rock salt, coriander*, oregano*, paprika*, cumin*, pepper*, thyme*, laurel*, chili*, cinnamon*seasoning 2 For cooking: rock salt, tomatoes*, onions*, rice flour*, potato thickness*, paprika*, celery*, raw-pipe sugar*, carrots*, pepper*, Majoran*, parsley*, sunflower oil*, acidic acid, separating agent: silicium dioxide

Beltane Biofix Gyros Seasoning Mix - Greek Cuisine at its Best