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The fix for everyone who wants to combine fast cuisine and noble spices. With natural ingredients and in the best organic quality.

5 x Beltane Biofix Chop Suey Tray, 21.3g

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A beautiful shine runs over the fresh crisp ingredients with the fine Asian sauce. A highlight for the eye and taste scores Biofix Chop Suey without any addition: pure spices, a dash of soy sauce and some rice make hungry for more.1. Cut the vegetables into strips, provide soy sauce and water. 2. Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil together with the spice mixture 1 (small bag) in a non -liable pan. Then heat the hotplate. As soon as the spices exude their fragrance, add meat and fry, add vegetables and roast. 3. Pour in the water and soy sauce, stir in the seasoning mixture 2 (large bag) and cook when the lid is closed in about 6 minutes. Stir occasionally. Tip for particularly tender pig or beef sliced: first fry the meat vigorously, then put it warm and fold in at the very end. Carefully heat, no longer cook. Würz mix 1 for frying: raw-pipe sugar*, rock salt, coriander*, garlic*, ginger*, pepper*, Galgant*, Lorbeer*, chili*seasoning mixt *, Celery*, paprika*, lauch*, lemon grass*, caramel*(caramel sugar syrup*, maltodextrin*), ginger*, sunflower oil*, separating agent: silicium dioxide

Beltane Biofix Chop Suey Tray - Authentic Asian Spice Mix