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5 x Beltane Biofix Chicken Tandoori, 21.5g

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If the seasoning fits, it succeeds without the tandoor oven buried in the earth. The depth of pure natural spices and vegetable powder is applied to chicken legs and cooked crispy on spicy vegetables in the oven. Inhale and enjoy deeply and enjoy the Beltane Devise.1. Fear the chicken legs and cut them across the fiber 4–5 times (see illustration). Stir in the seasoning mixture 1 (small bag) into 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and spread it onto the chicken legs with a back brush. Let marinate for a few minutes. 2. Cut the vegetables into rough pieces, put them in a greased baking dish and mix with the seasoning mixture 2 (large bag). Pour 50 ml of water. 3. Place the chicken legs on the vegetables and bake in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 60 minutes. Tip: garnish with lemon slices and onion rings. It also fits flatbread or rice and a cool yoghurt dip. Würz mix 1 for poultry: rock salt, garlic*, onions*, Koriander*, Bockshorn clover*, beetroot*, paprika*, cumin*, ginger*, pepper*, chili*, nutmeg blossom* , Cinnamon*, acidic: citric acid, laurel*, cardamom*, separating agent: silicon dioxide, cloves*seasoning mix 2 for vegetables: rock salt, tomatoes*, rice flour*, raw-pipe sugar*, potato thickness*, carrot*, mustard*, paprika*, Celery*, coriander*, parsley*, turmeric*, basil*, cumin*, Bockshorn clover*, sunflower oil*, separating agent: silicium dioxide

Beltane Biofix Chicken Tandoori Seasoning Mix - Authentic Flavors