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Our strokes on it is a particularly creamy and hearty-spicy organic bread spread based on rapeseed oil and sunflower seeds. Each variety is individually refined with valuable organic ingredients, flavored and decreased in an original season. Strokes on it, Chilitoflel loves chilli and sweet potato - a real delicacy of our strokes you get in the 160g glass and a small selection as a single portion in the 50g cup.

3 x Zwergenwiese strokes chillioffel, 160g

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Introducing the Zwergenwiese Organic Chilli and Sweet Potato Spread! If you love that spicy, fiery flavor in your food, this spread is going to quickly become your new favorite. Made with fresh organic ingredients harvested locally from Germany's farms, it's a versatile spread that you can use in a ton of different dishes!

Our organic chilli and sweet potato spread is made with biodynamic sunflower seeds, organic onions, and a blend of other delicious ingredients like tomato paste, paprika, and apple puree. And get this, it contains 1% chili- yeah, that's right! You're gonna be tasting the heat in every spoonful of this mouth-watering goodness.

This spread isn't just spicy, it's also nutritious. It contains attached vegetable sweet potatoes, making it a great option for health-conscious foodies. You can enjoy it as a spread on bread or use it in unique sandwich combinations to add a kick of flavor to your lunch. Or you could even blend it with yogurt to make a flavorful dip or salad dressing.

Not only that, but it's perfect for cooking and refining dishes to add an extra burst of flavor! You can use it to add that spicy kick to your favorite dishes, like soups or curries.

So don't wait any longer! Order now and have the Zwergenwiese Organic Chilli and Sweet Potato Spread delivered straight to your door. Trust us, you won't regret it!

3 x Zwergenwiese strokes chillioffel, 160g