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With the wedding tea you are sure of luck in the game and in love. Side by side are the two tea blends a loving souvenir for the bride and groom. The lady of the heart and cardiac king are simply used in a playful way to the gift and table card. Use the free text fields and put the crown on the most beautiful day of your life!

2 x Sonnentor wedding tea, 27g

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Introducing our unique and unforgettable Sonnentor wedding tea! Perfect for your big day or as a thoughtful gift to your guests, this tea is sure to impress.

The first pack, lovingly named "packing lady," contains nine delightfully fragrant pussy bags filled with a blend of linden flowers, lemon verben, lemon grass, nettle, elderflower, chamomile, and rose flowers (5%). Plus, a pinch of rosemary and orange blossom adds a special touch.

The second pack, called "king," includes another nine tantalizing pussy bags, with a medley of lemon balm, Tulsi basil, pomegranate, linden flowers, elderflower, rosemary, and lavender (5%) for a truly royal experience.

Both packs exude an exquisite taste and aroma that will charm and delight your taste buds. And, with 27g in each package, there's plenty to share with your guests or give as a thoughtful present.

Celebrate your special day with the unforgettable and flavorful Sonnentor wedding tea. So, place your order today and relish in the precious moments shared with your loved ones.

2 x Sonnentor wedding tea, 27g