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2 x Sonnentor power creator tea, 23.4g - firstorganicbaby

2 x Sonnentor power creator tea, 23.4g

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Introducing our exceptional tea blend - Sonnentor Power Creator Tea! Crafted with a unique combination of organic herbs, this 23.4g pack of goodness is perfect for those who crave a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

Our tea is a blend of YSOP, Krauseminze, fennel, rose hips, and chamomile - all carefully selected to uplift your senses and boost your wellbeing. YSOP and Krauseminze provide a refreshing taste, while fennel and rose hips add a subtle sweetness to the tea. The soothing chamomile is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

This tea is a perfect accompaniment to your morning routine, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Our exceptional blend offers a perfect balance of aroma, flavor, and body.

Sonnentor Power Creator Tea is 100% organic and caffeine-free, making it a perfect fit for every tea lover. The careful packaging of the tea ensures that every sip offers a delightful experience.

Try our Sonnentor Power Creator Tea today and experience the rejuvenating power of organic herbs. Buy now and enjoy the taste and aroma of this exceptional creation.

2 x Sonnentor power creator tea, 23.4g