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Schoenenberger® dry fruit tea, 500g - firstorganicbaby

Schoenenberger® dry fruit tea, 500g

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Looking for a high-quality tea blend that's bursting with flavor and free of nasty additives? Look no further than Schoenenberger® dry fruit tea!

Crafted from a blend of the finest ingredients, our tea contains no gen-technology, gluten, or added aroma substances, making it the perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Our tea features a delicious mix of clipping bead shell, hibiscus flowers, slopes, apple pieces, whispering berries, fennel, and hawthorn berries, all carefully chosen for their unique flavor profiles.

With a gentle, soothing aroma and a rich, fruity taste that's perfect for sipping any time of day, Schoenenberger® dry fruit tea is the ultimate indulgence for tea lovers everywhere.

So why wait? Add a 500g container of Schoenenberger® dry fruit tea to your cart today and experience the ultimate in tea deliciousness!

Schoenenberger® dry fruit tea, 500g