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Sanotint® Reflex hair tower No. 54 golden brown, 80ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® Reflex hair tower No. 54 golden brown, 80ml

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Indulge in the ultimate seduction of exquisite hair color with Sanotint® Reflex hair tower in No. 54 golden brown. This alluring hair treatment is designed to make you shine with a lustrous and intense color, fit for a queen. The golden deer on the package evokes elegance and grace, just like the beautiful hues that will adorn your mane.

With a gentle application process, enriched with natural ingredients that work to renew and revive your tresses, this hair tower will make you feel like the belle of the ball. Free of any harmful chemicals such as silicones, parabens, paraffins, ammonia, and resorcinol, Sanotint® Reflex is not only top-quality but also safe to use.

To unveil your hair's true potential, apply the Sanotint® reflex tint to your towel-dried hair, and let its magic weave through your locks. Depending on your hair type, the exposure time may vary, but 25-45 minutes is all it takes to see the magic happen. The better your hair absorbs the color, the shorter the exposure time can be, especially for porous or colored hair.

Before you commit to a shade, use a trial to find the perfect hue that matches your desires. Be aware that for gray hair with more than 20% content, we recommend using Sanotint® or Sanotint® sensitive, both designed to deliver unmatched results.

Embrace your inner goddess with Sanotint® Reflex hair tower No. 54 golden brown, and discover a new world of vibrant and exciting hair color. Remember that the red tones can be brighter if you leave the treatment in the hair for longer, so let Sanotint® Reflex work its magic and unveil the true beauty of your mane.

Sanotint® Reflex hair tower No. 54 golden brown, 80ml