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Sanotint® hair color sensitive No. 82 light gray, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® hair color sensitive No. 82 light gray, 125ml

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Calling all hair lovers! Indulge your locks with the extraordinary Sanotint® hair color sensitive No. 82, in a delightful shade of light gray. Discover the secret to a natural-looking hair color that will leave your hair shimmering with a silky glow.

The mystical combination of herbal extracts and the exclusive richness of the gold mine extract integrated in Sanotint® hair color sensitive with gold deer represents the best gift that Mother Nature offers. The magic is enhanced by the absence of harsh chemicals such as p-phenylendiamine, paraffins, and ammonia, ensuring gentle treatment for even the most sensitive of scalps.

Allow your hair dreams to come true with Sanotint® hair color sensitive. Our product establishes a delicate balance between extraordinary coloring and careful nourishing. The outcome is a harmonious and natural look, without the color fading or unnatural tones. The exquisiteness of Sanotint® hair color sensitive is meant to be witnessed. Before you set out to transform your hair according to your wishes, test the color on a small chunk of hair to ensure your desired effect.

Sanotint® hair color sensitive No. 82 embraces even the tiniest of details. Begin by placing an old towel near you as the delicate coloration process of the hair strands begins. For the best results, make sure that your hair is not dirty or overloaded with styling products, though we recommend a light hair washing prior to coloring, if needed.

The instructions are simple. Mix equal parts of the color tube and fixing agent in the Sanotint® shell, put on the provided gloves, and apply it across your hair using the brush. The magic continues as you allow the color to take effect for 30 minutes on the first application, and 20 minutes for a touch-up. An extra 10 minutes should be added when applying to lengths and tips. For a mesmerizing and long-lasting result, cover your hair with a film and an old towel during the exposure time.

After the exposure time, rinse the color carefully with lukewarm water and then use Sanotint color protection shampoo to best preserve your newly colored hair. Finally, revitalize your hair with Sanotint® revitalization balm, which brings your color to life again and bestows unbeatable shine and radiance to your hair. Let Sanotint® hair color sensitive No. 82 leave you breathless with its enchanting charm, giving you more than just a hair color. Experience the exceptional care, and complete nourishment that will make you feel like the goddess you are.

Sanotint® hair color sensitive No. 82 light gray, 125ml