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Sanotint® Hair color No. 22 Waldberere, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® Hair color No. 22 Waldberere, 125ml

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Indulge in the beauty of nature with Sanotint® Hair color No. 22 Waldberere, 125ml – a natural and nourishing hair color enriched with the essence of gold deer and herbal extracts. Let your hair be blessed with a silky shine with every application.

Bring your unique personality to life with this natural oxidation hair color. The essence of the gold deer carefully blends with the rich herbal extracts to color and care for your crown of glory. It beautifully enhances the natural textures of your locks, giving them a healthy and natural appearance.

Before coloring, revel in the joy of experimenting with your hair. The unique structure of every strand makes your hair respond differently to colors. With Sanotint, you can test small quantities to find the perfect hue that matches your desired color. Be confident that every application will lead to a hair color that complements you like never before.

With the Sanotint® hair color, it’s easy to bring your dream hair to life. Mix equal amounts of color tube and fixing agent, using the enclosed gloves to protect your hands. Apply the color mixture with the Sanotint brush to your hair, and let the magic of the antioxidants and nutrients work for 30 minutes. For touch-ups, you can extend the time accordingly.

Get yourself wrapped in the warmth of an old towel as you let the color work its magic. You’ll notice a stunning transformation as your hair comes to life with new colors. Rinse the color with lukewarm water and shampoo using the Sanotint color protection shampoo for best results.

After the exposure time, give your hair a pampering experience with the Sanotint revitalization balm. It rejuvenates and revitalizes your hair, bringing out the best color brilliance, shine, and good combability. You can either let it remain or rinse it out for a salon-worthy treatment.

Fall in love with your hair and let Sanotint® Hair color No. 22 Waldberere, 125ml be your partner in discovering the natural beauty that nature has to offer.

Sanotint® Hair color No. 22 Waldberere, 125ml