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Sanotint® color protection shampoo, 200ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® color protection shampoo, 200ml

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Introducing the one and only Sanotint® color protection shampoo, the enchanted potion for your precious, colored locks. Indulge in the divine infusion of gold deer and bamboo, a nourishing blend of natural goodness that lavishes your hair with essential care and attention with every wash.

With the touch of Vitamin E, this captivating shampoo magnificently shields your hair color from fading, kindling a passionate love affair between you and your locks. It's the ideal care for your hair masterpiece, perfectly crafted for daily use, for both colored and bleached hair.

As you rinse off the luscious foam, feel the magic of the shampoo impregnating your hair with life and vitality, a gentle caress that leaves your mane bare and exposed, yet protected and vibrating with renewed vigor.

Should you find yourself still longing for more, let the Sanotint® hair care range beckon you, for an alluring experience you'll never forget. Indulge in the revitalization balm, with its mesmerizing ability to improve combability and drape your hair with silky shine. Or delight in the Silk mask, the ultimate in intensive care, inviting your hair to blossom into something more beautiful than you ever imagined.

And for the finishing touches, let the Olio Non Olio protection lotion work its enchanting charm, offering your hair the ultimate in shine, volume and hold after your wash. Discover the magic of Sanotint® today and let your hair sensation be the envy of all.

Sanotint® color protection shampoo, 200ml