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The woody-warm, fragrant essential oil of the cedar (Cadrus Atlantica) has a balancing, stabilizing, strengthening, earth end. It serves relaxation, is a true encouragement and an anti-stress oil. The power oil gives confidence and deep rooting with the earth.

Primavera Zeder Bio, 5ml

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Experience the warm, woody embrace of nature with our Primavera Zeder Bio essential oil. Made from the finest cedarwood sourced from the Atlas Mountains, this fragrant oil carries the delicate balance and strength of the earth within it. Let its anti-stress properties transport you to a place of pure relaxation and deep-rootedness.

Indulge yourself in the delightful "New Wagen" body oil, with sunny-injective-spotty orange notes and the gentle warmth of ginger and iron herb extracts. Made with organic ingredients, this body oil is perfect for moist skin massage, invigorating foot rubs, and overall strengthening of the body.

For those days when you need an extra boost of confidence and inner balance, a few drops of our Primavera Zeder essential oil are all you need. Simply mix it with some almond oil and feel the embrace of nature's most precious gift.

Experience the beauty of self-care with our Primavera Zeder Bio essential oil. From therapeutic rubbing to cosmetic application, this versatile oil is perfect for use in facial and body oils, massage oils, bath additives and soothing masks.

So why wait? Let the natural balance of Primavera Zeder Bio bring harmony to your life today!

Primavera Zeder Bio, 5ml