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Fragrance warm, herbaceous, bitter-aromatic; Harmonizing, calming, regenerating, anti -inflammatory

Primavera yarrow organic, 5ml

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Introducing the elixir of nature, the Primavera yarrow organic essential oil, bursting with the essence of a blossoming meadow. Let your body and soul experience the healing sensation, as the herbaceous and warm essence invokes a feeling of tranquility and restoration. With its highly anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agents, this oil is perfect for sensitive skin of all kinds, providing a soothing aura that can only be described as magical.

Crafted with care, our yarrow quality is a cut above the rest, ensuring a high augura content of at least 10%. Add a few drops of this oil to an organic care oil and watch the magic unfold. It can be used in steam baths and compresses for inflamed skin, making it perfect for facial steam baths and seat steam baths after birth, where it can aid in the healing process for dam cuts.

But this essential oil isn't just for adults. It is suitable for babies and children, provided it is diluted accordingly. Whether it's for abdominal cramps, tooth problems or just to calm down, the soothing properties of this oil are a total game changer.

On a psychological level, this oil is often used to balance and stabilize the psyche, especially when one is struggling with stress. The yarrow essence provides a calming aroma, which can create a peaceful atmosphere that aids in relaxation, even for the most troubled of souls.

So if you want to invigorate your senses, improve your skin's health, and rejuvenate your soul, add Primavera yarrow organic essential oil to your basket today.

Primavera yarrow organic, 5ml