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The Osmanthus Absolute 5% smells wonderfully exotic, floral and berry. His unique fragrance, which is reminiscent of plums, berries and violets, only unfolds in high dilution. It is appreciated in aromatherapy for its particularly inspiring and creativity -promoting effect. He is positive and confident.

Primavera Osmanthus Absolute 5 %, 5ml

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Introducing the essence of romance in a bottle - Primavera Osmanthus Absolute 5%. This magnificent elixir embodies the most invigorating and captivating fragrance known to man. Its unique aroma, reminiscent of plums, berries, and violets, conjures the most sensual and exotic feelings from within.

As you inhale the exquisite scent, you'll feel its warmth dancing on your skin, inspiring your mind and senses to dream and imagine. Its positive and confident character will exude from your every pore, reminding you of your own irresistible charm.

This natural wonder is beloved in aromatherapy for its creativity-promoting and invigorating effect. It invites you to a world of infinite possibilities, opening the door to new ideas and experiences.

In Primavera's body care collection, Osmanthus Absolute 5% blends with the enchanting scent of rose to create an irresistible aroma that is fit for royalty. It's perfect as a perfume, and for therapeutic and cosmetic use on your skin, including facial and body oils, massage oils, therapeutic rubbing, and wraps.

So why wait to indulge in the essence of pure romance? Treat yourself to Primavera Osmanthus Absolute 5% and immerse your senses in the exquisite fragrance. Add a maximum of 20 drops in 50ml of Primavera almond oil organic and let the magic begin.

Primavera Osmanthus Absolute 5 %, 5ml