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Cleaning, strengthening, stimulating, strong, pickup

Primavera juniper organic, 5ml

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Bask in the wonderful aroma of the lush forests with the Primavera Juniper Organic essential oil. An elixir handcrafted for your senses, this magical potion is perfect for those seeking a 'wilderness' experience in the comfort of their own homes.

The fresh and invigoratingly woody scent transports you to the very heart of nature, as you enjoy its many cleaning, strengthening, and stimulating properties. Feel yourself rejuvenated and energized as you breathe in the exquisite forest fragrance that lingers in the air.

The exceptional quality of the juniper organic essential oil is mirrored in its ability to provide a range of benefits when used. Use it to enrich your base pool, adding a few drops of this precious oil to your bath to intensify the effect of your therapeutic shower.

Indulge in the detoxifying properties of the magical elixir by applying a blend of juniper, laurel, and myrte Turkish organic oil to your skin. Ideal for facial and body oils, massages, and wraps, it will leave you feeling wrapped in the comfort of the woods.

Maximizing the benefits of the Primavera Juniper Organic essential oil is easy. Simply add no more than three drops to 50 ml of Primavera Almond Oil Organic and transform your usual beauty routine into a magical and luxurious experience.

Primavera juniper organic, 5ml