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With a cold and slight headache. For light gastrointestinal complaints and muscle pain. Non-alcoholic.

OLBAS® drops, 50ml

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Introducing OLBAS® drops, a natural and effective solution to alleviate the discomfort of colds, light headaches, mild gastrointestinal complaints, and muscle pain.

Derived from the medicinal plant tillat, these drops combine the power of three therapeutic essential oils: peppermint, eucalyptus, and cajeput. The result is a potent first aid remedy that can help you feel your best.

Each 50ml bottle of OLBAS® drops contains 10g of pure liquid, which includes the active ingredients of peppermint oil (5.3g), Cajeput oil (2.1g), and Eucalyptus oil (2.1g). These key components work in harmony to provide fast-acting relief.

Furthermore, our drop formulation is vegan and free of alcohol, making it safe for those with dietary restrictions or anyone who prefers natural and gentle remedies.

OLBAS® drops also contain additional beneficial oils such as juniperberry and Gaulttheria, which help to enhance the formula's effectiveness.

Overall, with its powerful blend of essential oils and its natural, alcohol-free formulation, OLBAS® drops are the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and effective solution to alleviate common ailments. Order yours today and experience the healing power of nature.

OLBAS® drops, 50ml