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Vegan & seductive: The delicately melting chocolate cup coating with 48 % cocoa content is convincing (not only) vegan and lactose intolerant sweet tooth. Instead of cow's milk, rice glucose syrup is used. She gets her crispy bite through gluten -free crisps from rice and quinoa.

6 x Naturata Reis Quinoa-Crisp, vegan, 100g

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Indulge in a seductive and luxurious experience unlike any other with Naturata Reis Quinoa-Crisp vegan chocolate cups. Made with 48% cocoa content, these delicately melting treats are the perfect solution to satisfy the cravings of any vegan and lactose intolerant sweet tooth. Made with rice glucose syrup instead of cow's milk and gluten-free crisps from rice and quinoa, these vegan chocolate cups are carefully crafted with traditional Swiss techniques by experienced chocolatiers.

Every bite of the Naturata chocolate cups is a unique experience, thanks to the secret manufacturing process that perfectly blends tradition and innovation. The chocolate's long conches melt ever so delicately on the tongue and tease the senses with natural flavors and textures guaranteed to make any heart skip a beat. You'll be amazed by the natural taste and aroma of this chocolate, made without artificial flavors or emulsifiers.

Naturata chocolate cups are the perfect gateway to a world of sustainable snacking pleasure. Made with 100% organic and fair-trade ingredients, these tantalizing treats contribute to fair cooperation across the globe. The chocolate is made with ROLLONGENGE sugar, sourced from the small farmer project "Manduvirá" in Paraguay. The finest cocoa comes from the Fairtrade-Cooperative "Norandino" in the north of Peru and "CooProagro" in the Dominican Republic, ensuring that every bite supports ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Indulging in Naturata chocolate cups helps to reduce your carbon footprint, too. These chocolate cups are GMO-free and compensated for climate-friendly together with myclimate. Soyalecithin is replaced by cocoa butter in these chocolate cups, ensuring that they remain free from genetically modified additives and receive a higher-quality aroma. The purchase of these chocolate cups contributes to a climate protection project in Peru, reducing CO2 emissions created during production and transport.

Satisfy your sweet tooth while supporting ethical and sustainable practices with Naturata Reis Quinoa-Crisp vegan chocolate cups. Experience the perfect blend of a romantic and sustainable snacking pleasure with every bite.

6 x Naturata Reis Quinoa-Crisp, vegan, 100g