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Spelled maccaroni for the finely nutty paste.

3 x Naturata maccaroni short, spelled light, 500g

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Looking for delicious and nutritious pasta for your next meal? Naturata's Spelt Maccaroni is perfect for you! Made from traditional spelt varieties grown with early quantity agreements, fair prices, and reliable acceptance commitments, it's the perfect opportunity to support local farmers and enjoy top-quality pasta!

Sourced from the Swabian Alb, our pasta is produced with fine-nutty paste that guarantees mouthwatering taste to your dish. Our pasta production plant is just a few kilometers away from the source, which helps in short and eco-friendly transport routes. We're also very proud to let you know that we're adhering to strict biodynamic criteria in our production process, so you can enjoy pasta that is not only delicious but also friendly to our environment.

Aside from being natural and pure, we ensure that our pasta production process doesn't equal harmful pollutants. Together with MyClimate, we have taken measures to compensate for the CO2 emissions that come from producing and transporting our product.

Our Naturata's Spelt Maccaroni short fits perfectly with all kinds of sauces! Whether it's with tomato, bolognese, or cream, our pasta will take it to the next level with its unmistakable fine-nutty taste!

So why wait? Add Naturata's Spelt Maccaroni to your cart, and next week, have plates of delicious and nutritious pasta ready for you and your family.

3 x Naturata maccaroni short, spelled light, 500g