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This table is one of the rare noble bitter variants with a cocoa content of 100%. It has an intensive character taste and is very creamy thanks to the high proportion of cocoa butter. The exquisite noble cocoa comes from Latin America, where the high-quality trinario cocoa is grown after strict organic guidelines and combined in Switzerland with the finest bourbon vanilla. This is how the whole aroma of this exquisite cocoa beans comes into its own - without adding sugar.

10 x Naturata Latin America Edelbitter 100%, 80g

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Indulge in the purest form of love with Naturata Latin America Edelbitter 100%. This exquisite treat is not just a mere chocolate, but a manifestation of the utmost passion and dedication of the chocolatiers. With a cocoa content of 100%, this table is exclusively crafted for true cocoa aficionados. The tantalizing aroma of this rare noble bitter chocolate will send your senses into a heavenly realm.

Pamper yourself with the creamy texture and experience the explosion of flavors as you savor every bite of this fine chocolate, made with the organic Trinitario cocoa from Latin America. With utmost precision and care, the cocoa is blended with the finest bourbon vanilla in Switzerland, making every bar a unique piece of art.

This chocolate is not just a mere treat; it is a commitment to ethical and fair trade practices. Naturata only uses ingredients from 100% controlled organic cultivation, hence making it a climate-friendly product. Moreover, the independent Fairtrade seal guarantees that the cocoa used in this chocolate fulfills the international standards for fair trade, promoting the idea of a sustainable future.

Treat yourself to the luxurious sensation of this exquisite chocolate bar without any artificial flavors or emulsifiers. Naturata chocolate is made through a traditional Swiss manufacturing process that involves particularly long conches, resulting in the finest melting texture that feels like velvet on your tongue.

And to top it all, you can enjoy this chocolate guilt-free, knowing that it is guaranteed free of genetically modified additives. The use of cocoa butter instead of Soyalecithin to keep the chocolate together not only enhances the aroma but also keeps it away from any GENSTechnik.

With Naturata Latin America Edelbitter 100%, indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience while making a fair and ethical contribution to the society.

10 x Naturata Latin America Edelbitter 100%, 80g