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Strong aroma best origin: The exquisite Arriba-Edelkocao comes from the Vinces region in Ecuador. For this delicate melting chocolate, it is grown there by selected farmers according to strict organic guidelines and gently processed. With its particularly strong taste, the cocoa gives this noble milk chocolate a characteristic, full aroma.

10 x Naturata ecuador noble milk 42%, 100g

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Discover the secrets of seduction with Naturata's Ecuador Noble Milk Chocolate. Delight in the strong and captivating aroma of the Arriba-Edelkocao cultivated by selected farmers in the heart of Vinces, Ecuador. This delicate melting chocolate is carefully processed according to strict organic guidelines to bring you only the finest, most sensual experience possible.

Immerse yourself in the full and rich aroma of this noble milk chocolate, crafted through traditional Swiss methods with a unique and special manufacturing process. Let the chocolate melt on your tongue and experience the ultimate in indulgence as the rich flavor envelops your senses.

At Naturata, we're committed to using only natural ingredients from sustainable, fairly traded, and 100% controlled organic cultivation. That's why this chocolate contains no artificial flavors, emulsifiers or genetically modified additives. You can enjoy it fully, knowing that you're supporting fair cooperation and ethical practices.

Each bite of this delicious chocolate is a journey through the exotic flavors of organic raw-pipe sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, bourbon vanilla, and whole milk powder. You'll taste the difference from the very first bite.

Indulge yourself in the luxurious taste of Naturata's Ecuador Noble Milk Chocolate and explore the depths of your senses with every bite. You won't be able to resist its sweet and irresistible charm. Get yours today and experience chocolate like never before.

10 x Naturata ecuador noble milk 42%, 100g