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A chocolate of noble origin: The exquisite Trinitarian Eedelkao grows south-east of Costa Rica's capital San José. The cocoa beans are grown there according to strict organic guidelines of small farmer families and further processed in a gentle way. The composition of the finest Swiss whole milk and the high precious cocoa content gives this dark whole milk chocolate a strong, full aroma.

10 x Naturata Costa rica dark noble milk 50%, 100g

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Experience the essence of pure love with Naturata Costa Rica Dark Noble Milk Chocolate. Indulge in the richness of this exquisite Trinitarian Eedelkao cocoa, grown by small farmer families in the southeast of Costa Rica's capital, San José. Every chocolate bar is crafted with finesse and care using only the finest Swiss whole milk and high precious cocoa content, creating a strong and full aroma that lingers in your mouth.

Unlike other chocolates, Naturata uses only natural ingredients that are fairly traded and 100% organic-certified. The chocolatiers carry on with traditional Swiss craftsmanship, using a special manufacturing process to create chocolate that melts in your mouth. With no artificial flavors, emulsifiers or soyalecithin, Naturata guarantees their chocolate is free of genetically modified additives.

Named as a product of fair cooperation, every bite of Naturata's chocolate bar promotes fair trade practices among small farmers around the globe. From the cocoa to the sugar, everything in this chocolate meets international standards for fair trade.

If you're concerned with climate change, Naturata has partnered with MyClimate to compensate for CO2 emissions during the production and transport of this chocolate product. By indulging in this bar of goodness, you help promote a climate-friendly product.

Experience the rich and irresistible flavor of all-natural, organic, and fairly-traded chocolate with Naturata Costa Rica Dark Noble Milk Chocolate. It's a truly romantic and blissful experience that you'll never forget.

10 x Naturata Costa rica dark noble milk 50%, 100g