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Classic tomato sauce from Spanish Demeter tomatoes for fast kitchen.

2 x Naturata classico tomato sauce, 330ml

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Let me take you on a journey to Catalonia, where the Cal Valls family has been tending to their farm since 1979. As the warm sun bathes the rolling hills, the family carefully tends to their biodynamic crops, including luscious Demeter tomatoes.

These juicy, ripe fruits are carefully harvested and transformed into a classic tomato sauce that will transport you to a land of bold and beautiful flavours. Naturata, a pioneer of biodynamic farming, has played a significant role in the family's success.

Each jar of Naturata Classico tomato sauce contains the essence of the Spanish countryside, captured within its rich and delicious depths. Perfect for a quick meal, this sauce will pair beautifully with our hearty spelled and durum wheat pasta.

The alluring bouquet of fresh herbs, including basil, parsley, oregano, and thyme, infuse the sauce with a romantic essence that will tantalize your senses. And with a touch of garlic and sea salt, the flavors are elevated to new heights.
Experience a little bit of Catalonia in your own kitchen with Naturata Classico tomato sauce.

2 x Naturata classico tomato sauce, 330ml