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Mini-U Bath Bomb kit 200g

Mini-U Bath Bomb kit 200g

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- Vibrant Colors: Transform bath water with mesmerizing hues
- Relaxing Spa Experience: Infused with soothing scents
- Fun for Kids: Makes bath time imaginative and enjoyable

Mini-U Bath Bomb Kit turns bath time into a colorful, fizzy adventure.

• Vibrant Colors: Transform the water with vibrant, mesmerizing hues.
• Relaxation: Infused with soothing scents for a relaxing, spa-like experience.
• Kids' Delight: Perfect for kids, making bath time fun and imaginative.

Creating your bath bomb is really simple: 1) Start by mixing the two powders together in a bowl. 2) Then add your sprinkles. 3) Add a drop of water using the pipette. 4) Mix everything up. 5) Fill each side of the mould with the blended mix and close together (don’t be tempted to pack too much in). 6) Leave to set for 24 hours. 7) Now remove the bath bomb from the mould by gently pulling apart the two sections. 8) Drop your bath bomb into a warm bath and watch it fizz and foam! Gender: Unisex Country of origin: Great Britain Vegan: YES Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Sulphate, Pentasodium, Triphosphate, PEG-400, Parfum, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea Butter), CI42090, CI14700, CI19140, Limonene

Mini-U Bath Bomb kit 200g