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Flügge® pebbles tablets, 120st

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If you're in search of a solution to prevent fragile fingernails and hair, look no further than Flügge® pebbles tablets. These tablets are crafted to help fortify your nails and give your hair the resilience that it needs.

Our secret is in the Kieselerde made of diatoms, which amounts to 810mg per tablet and contains 87% pure silica. This essential mineral is known for its unique benefits to hair and nails.

Our pebbles are vegan/vegetarian-friendly and do not contain lactose, gelatin, or gluten. This makes it an ideal product for a range of dietary restrictions.

At Flügge®, we've been devoted to crafting high-quality health supplements since 1927. Our products are made with the purest ingredients and have helped many customers.

Each tablet contains silicium dioxide and magnesium stearate (Ph. EUR.) [Plant]. You can be assured that each dose of Flügge® pebbles tablets will give you a high-quality blend of essential minerals that your hair and nails need. So why wait? Order your Flügge® pebbles tablets now!

Flügge® pebbles tablets, 120st