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6 x Voelkel rhubarb, 0.7l

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Introducing the delicious Voelkel rhubarb juice! Made with fresh, organic rhubarb from our trusted partner, Christoph Schäfer. He's been expertly growing vegetables sustainably for almost two decades, providing us with the best produce for our juices.

As a Demeter and organic pioneer, we believe in living in harmony with nature. That's why we're on a mission to promote sustainable agriculture and preserve our natural resources for future generations. And what better way to savor the fruits of our partnership than with a cool glass of Voelkel rhubarb juice!

This refreshing juice packs a punch, with a tart flavor that's perfect for those who like a little bit of sourness. So, whether you're enjoying it for breakfast or as a thirst-quencher on a hot day, you can be sure that each sip is packed with goodness.

And if you're wondering where we get our fresh vegetables from, look no further than Christoph's farm just 30km away. With his vast knowledge and love for sustainable agriculture, you can be confident that each bottle of Voelkel juice is made with only the best and freshest produce.

Join us in our mission to create a better, more sustainable future. Pour yourself a glass of Voelkel rhubarb juice and taste the difference!

6 x Voelkel rhubarb, 0.7l