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Our organic sesame oil roasted is characterized by its nutty-aromatic taste and its golden yellow color. The sesame is gently roasted right in front of pressing so that the full -bodied aroma can develop. Then it is pressed cold to get the best possible quality of the oil. By roasting the sesame seeds, this oil has a much more intense taste than native sesame oil.

Vitaquell sesame oil bio roasted, cold pressed, 0.25l

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Introducing the perfect way to add a delicious nutty-aromatic note to your dishes - Vitaquell sesame oil bio roasted!

Our organic sesame oil is carefully crafted through a process of gentle roasting and cold-pressing, ensuring the best possible quality and a rich golden color. The unique roasting process brings out the full flavor of the sesame seeds, resulting in a much more intense taste than regular sesame oil.

Not only does this oil taste amazing, but it also has an impressive durability thanks to its high content of sesamol and sesamoline. Plus, sesame oil is renowned for its balanced ratio of simple and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Take your cooking to new heights with a few drops of this roasted sesame oil. It's a must-have ingredient in Asian cuisine, perfect for roasting, stir-frying in the wok, baking, and preparing a wide range of oriental dishes.

For a delectable option, try marinating tofu and vegetables in this oil and then stir-fry it all together for a fragrant and flavorful meal. With Vitaquell sesame oil bio roasted, the possibilities are endless!

Vitaquell sesame oil bio roasted, cold pressed, 0.25l