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Vitaquell, native organic coconut oil is gently pressed from the pure, white coconut meat. This presents the exotic taste and smell of coconuts.

Vitaquell coconut oil bio native, 2150ml

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Looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to your regular cooking oil? Look no further than Vitaquell's Coconut Oil Bio Native!

Gently pressed from pure, dried coconut meat, this organic coconut oil is perfect for those following a raw food diet. With maximum temperatures of only 40°C used during production, the oil retains its naturally delicious and exotic taste and smell – no bleaching or deodorizing required.

But that's not all – Vitaquell's Coconut Oil is also an excellent source of healthy saturated fatty acids, particularly lauric acid. This means that the oil is solid at temperatures below 23°C, forming snow-white pearls that are perfect for adding a touch of tropical flavor to your dishes.

And thanks to its heat-stable nature, Vitaquell's Coconut Oil Bio Native performs fantastically in high-heat cooking methods like frying and sautéing, while remaining smooth and creamy at room temperature. Plus, it's great for skin and hair care – talk about versatile!

So why wait? Treat yourself and your family to the delicious, healthy, and versatile Vitaquell Coconut Oil Bio Native today!

Vitaquell coconut oil bio native, 2150ml