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For gloss and abundance. Unique with original natural medicine juice made of organic birch leaves. Natural fragrance and dye. Plant oils and extracts in organic quality. Skin tolerance dermatologically tested.

Schoenenberger® ExtraAir Volume Shampoo, 200ml

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Introducing Schoenenberger® ExtraAir Volume Shampoo, a product that promises to transform your hair into a lustrous and voluminous glory.

Its unique formulation contains organic birch leaves, blended with original natural medicine juice, which is nothing short of magic for your hair. Bask in the natural fragrance and dye-free wonder that this luxurious shampoo offers. It's enriched with plant oils and extracts that are of the highest organic quality, leaving your hair in the best possible condition.

Schoenenberger® ExtraAir Volume Shampoo is a pure indulgence that's not only a delight to use but also gentle on your skin. The dermatologically-tested formula guarantees that it will be kind to your skin as well.

This product is a part of the BDIH certified natural cosmetics, which means there are no synthetic fragrances or dye fabrics, making it the perfect addition to your beauty routine.

To use, apply the shampoo on damp hair and enjoy the creamy and velvety foam that leaves your hair feeling luxurious. Then rinse with water, and you will experience the astounding difference in your hair's volume and gloss, leaving you feeling ready to take on the world.

Add Schoenenberger® ExtraAir Volume Shampoo to your beauty arsenal, and experience hair like never before!

Schoenenberger® ExtraAir Volume Shampoo, 200ml