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An almost carbohydrate -free bread with the extra portion of protein!

3 x Schär Bio low carb bread the strong, 200g

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Oh, rejoice! We've stumbled upon the answer to our prayers - an incredible loaf of bread that satisfies our souls without adding to our waistlines. Let me introduce you to Schär Bio low carb bread the strong, a true champion of both love and health.

Prepare to embark on a taste bud adventure like no other! Each slice of this bread is a masterpiece, brimming with the goodness of sunflower seeds and linseed. But that's not all - it's lovingly embraced by protein-rich curd, offering a satisfying crunch that will leave you longing for more.

And who can forget the saying, "fiber is the spice of life"? Well, this bread doesn't disappoint! With its added psyllium shells, it provides a fiber boost that will make your heart sing with joy.

But wait, there's more! Schär Bio has thoughtfully included Johannisbrotkern meal, an irresistible addition that elevates the entire experience. And to take the taste to the next level, they've blended in a mouthwatering combination of coriander, caraway, and fennel. And as a delightful surprise, they've even added coconut flour. How utterly romantic!

Not only does this bread taste amazing, but it's also organic and made with the finest, wholesome ingredients. Say goodbye to nasty chemicals - Schär Bio focuses solely on baking that promotes health and happiness.

So go ahead, my love, and create that sandwich you've been dreaming of! Whether you toast it up for a delightful breakfast or use it as the foundation for a killer avocado toast, the Schär Bio low carb bread the strong lets you unite your love for food with your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Indulge in this toast-tastic delight and savor every bite!

3 x Schär Bio low carb bread the strong, 200g