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Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 88 honeyed, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 88 honeyed, 125ml

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The essence of natural beauty beckons with Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 88 honeyed, 125ml, a nectar that will leave your tresses radiant and supple to the touch. With the sumptuous extract of the gold mine and herbal nourishment, this natural oxidation hair color is free from harmful p-phenylendiamine, paraffins, ammoniac, and resorcinating color. The dyeing and caring properties of this glimmering delight will grant your hair a natural appearance, while imparting a smooth, silky gloss that positively gleams.

Before coloring your hair completely, we recommend a patch test for the ultimate experience of beauty and care. A small towel ready, to protect clothes from color splatters or spills, and a gentle hair wash to cleanse off any build-up of styling products, oils, or dirt. Once towel-dried or dry, the Sanotint® brush, with its gentle motion, will apply the color mixture of the content and the fixing agent mixed in equal parts (1: 1). Put on the enclosed gloves, as an alchemist approaches a precious stone, to unlock the radiance that lies within.

The color mixture, like a delicate potion, is then left to transform every strand with a magical 30-minute ointment of beauty. If you are approaching the color, then 20 minutes of enchantment is the perfect time to let it sparkle until the tips and lengths of your hair are adorned with the color of honeyed sunshine rays. Experience the splendor of the transformation by covering your hair in a film and a soft, old towel as it takes color's hold.

After the exposure time, rinse the color thoroughly, basking in the warmth of lukewarm water, and thereafter tenderly wash your hair with the Sanotint® Color Protection Shampoo. Witness your hair illuminated with luminous beauty, then soften and revitalize your enchanting locks by applying the Sanotint® revitalization balm. Allow this richly nourishing elixir of life to suffuse through your hair, retaining its brilliance, shine, and good combability for even longer.

The magical Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 88 honeyed, 125ml is perfected to be a tribute to your magnificent hair, now and always. Experience a majestic beauty transformation with Sanotint's natural ingredients and let your beauty shine.

Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 88 honeyed, 125ml