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Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 87 honeyblo.hell, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 87 honeyblo.hell, 125ml

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Indulge in the sweet and delicate hues of our Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 87 honeyblo.hell, 125ml. Awaken your senses with the golden glow from the rarest of the rare extracts, promising to deliver a natural-looking color with a silky gloss — without any harsh chemicals.

Our much-loved hair color is a luxurious blend of plant-based extracts that gently coats each strand for vibrant, long-lasting color that shines with a lustrous brilliance. Made without paraffins or harmful resorcination, our revolutionary formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin, providing them with a worry-free experience.

Before the big night, make sure to do a skin detention test to ensure that the color result is exactly what you want. Don't forget to grab an old towel to protect against any color splashes.

To use, simply mix the contents of the color tube with the Sanotint shell in equal measures, put on the gloves, and apply the color mixture using the Sanotint hairbrush to your dry or towel-dried mane. Allow our rich and luxurious formula to take effect for 30 minutes and let yourself be enthralled by the beauty.

Rinse the color carefully with warm water, use our Sanotint color protection shampoo for a fuller effect, and then apply our revitalization balm to your hair. This will give your hair another layer of color brilliance, shine, and good combability after coloring, making you fall in love with the new you all over again.

Sanotint, because you deserve only the best for your beautiful hair.

Sanotint® hair color sensitive no. 87 honeyblo.hell, 125ml