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Sanotint® hair color No. 27 Havana Blond, 125ml - firstorganicbaby

Sanotint® hair color No. 27 Havana Blond, 125ml

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Indulge in the alluring beauty of Sanotint® hair color No. 27 Havana Blond, a shiny and silky hair dye that will take your breath away. Infused with the enchanting extracts of a gold deer and a blend of herbal essences sourced from the wild, this natural oxidation color not only dyes your hair with a rich and radiant hue, but also provides it with tender loving care, leaving it with a divine and natural appearance.

Experience the sheer bliss of indulging yourself in the delicate art of hair coloring with Sanotint®. Each strand of hair is unique, and so is every color, but with Sanotint®, you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you desire. With just a little bit of this magical potion, you can create a luscious blend of color that will illuminate your face and highlight your beauty.

Before diving into the mesmerizing world of coloring your hair, make sure to carry out a skin detention test, and keep an old towel handy to protect your clothes from splashes of color. For best results, only wash your hair if it's heavily dirty, greasy, or full of styling products. Then, simply mix the content of the color tube and fixing agent in equal parts, and apply the mixture to your dry (or towel-dried) hair using the Sanotint® brush.

Let the color work its magic for 30 minutes, or just 20 minutes if you're doing a touch-up, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Wash your hair with the Sanotint color protection shampoo and experience the revitalizing effect of the Sanotint® revitalization balm, which will make your hair shine and give it a soft and silky feel.

This product is not just a hair dye, it's a way of life. Add a touch of magic to your hair, and let your beauty shine through with Sanotint® hair color No. 27 Havana Blond.

Sanotint® hair color No. 27 Havana Blond, 125ml