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Selected vegetables are processed Erntesegen into a high -quality juice, coordinated with fine spices and filled gently. Cold or warm a pleasure. Slowly heat the juice for consumption as a soup - don't cook!

6 x Rabenhorst traditional vegetables organic, 750ml

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Indulge your palate with the robust and flavorful 6 x Rabenhorst Traditional Vegetables Organic, 750ml - a symphony of selected vegetables processed Erntesegen style into a high-quality juice, enhanced with delicate spices and bottled with utmost care.

With over a century of experience in juice production, Rabenhorst pours their heart and soul into each bottle. From the meticulous selection of raw materials to the rigorous quality checks and gentle bottling, every step reflects their commitment to excellence.

A simple shake of the bottle reveals the magical world inside. Savor the superior taste of tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, cucumber, celery and sauerkraut - all carefully blended to perfection. The addition of onion juice, sea salt, parsley, basil, lovage, dill juice and lemon juice creates an orchestra of flavors that harmonizes beautifully in your mouth.

Whether you prefer your juice cold or warm, this versatile beverage is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. You can even transform it into a luscious soup simply by slowly heating it up (do not cook!). In fact, it makes for a valuable and nutritious snack anytime you crave something wholesome and delicious.

Take a sip, close your eyes and let the enchanting taste transport you to a world of pure bliss. Add the 6 x Rabenhorst Traditional Vegetables Organic, 750ml to your cart and experience the magic for yourself!

6 x Rabenhorst traditional vegetables organic, 750ml