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The tender, floral, fresh, sweetly fragrant essential oil neroli has a holistic effect. Companion in many moments of life, particularly proven in aromatherapy in fear, e.g. of operations. A drop of neroli on a handkerchief deeply inhaled is positive and solves tension in seconds.

Primavera neroli, 1ml

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Introducing the enchanting Primavera Neroli, a delicate and fragrant essential oil that will transport your mind, body, and soul to a place of pure bliss. With its wonderful and valuable qualities, Neroli is the perfect companion for every moment in life. Its gentle and soothing notes can alleviate feelings of fear, loneliness, and homesickness and can provide a soothing effect when tension rises.

As you inhale a drop of Neroli, its sweet and floral bouquet fills your senses, uplifting your spirits and providing a calming effect. It is especially beneficial for individuals prone to "red spots" before excitement, as it helps to ease and relax even the most restless of souls.

In the field of obstetrics, Neroli can accompany and strengthen both mother and child while providing a calming backdrop to the delivery process. Its balancing force is also found in Primavera's moisturizer Bio Neroli & Bio Cassis, allowing the gentle, soulful flower to permeate deeply into the skin.

Incorporating this delicate essential oil into your beauty routine is easy with our recipe tip for the perfect body cream, fit for a princess. Our luxurious blend of Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Orange, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, and Vanilla Extract create a heavenly concoction that both your skin and soul will adore.

From baths to masks to self-mixed cosmetic products, the aroma care of the skin will never be the same with the addition of Primavera's Neroli. So indulge in the magic and allure of the Primavera Neroli, and let your senses be swept away by its captivating and romantic fragrance.

Primavera neroli, 1ml