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The essential oil myrrh bio (Bot. Commiphora Myrrha) smells bitterly sweet, deep, balsamic, it has a calming effect and is regeneration of skin. The essential oil is often used in intensely nourishing skin helpers and is also well suited for mixtures for oral care. The combination with essential frankincense oil in brass, cracked skin has proven very proven. In aromatherapy for the psyche, the fragrance of the essential oil of the myrrh is also for stabilization and erection.

Primavera Myrrh Bio, 5ml

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Experience the sweet, bitter notes of the essential oil of myrrh bio, as it takes you on an aromatic journey through Africa's dry and low-water regions. Commiphora Myrrha, a small tree, gifts the world with its precious resin, which is carefully dried and sorted to extract a calming essential oil with regenerative properties.

Indulge yourself in the intensely nourishing skin helpers that myrrh oil offers, a perfect blend for brittle and dry areas of your skin. Feel its rich balsamic aroma blend with frankincense oil in a beautiful brass. This blend is an excellent choice for damaged skin where your skin needs deep nourishment and healing.

In aromatherapy, myrrh oil's earthy fragrance will calm your senses, stabilizing and uplifting your mood, and helping you to overcome past emotional wounds.

Bring the gift of myrrh oil to your oral care routine in our gurgelle solution with sanddorn fruit meat oil, birch sugar, and myrrh organic. Refresh and revitalize your breath with the peppermint myrrh oral spray that mitigates any uncomfortable smells, leaving you with refreshing and invigorating breath.

Experience luxury when you indulge in the Primavera Myrrh Bio, a 5ml essential oil that is pure, organic, and sustainably sourced. Treat your skin and senses with care, and gift yourself the gift of Primavera Myrrh Bio.

Primavera Myrrh Bio, 5ml