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Essential lemon oil is a fresh kick for the senses. It has a concentration -promoting effect and atmosphere. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties are helpful in the medicine pharmacy for room air cleaning in the cold period and for calf wraps at increased body temperature.

Primavera lemon organic, 50ml

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Introducing our Primavera Lemon Organic - a tiny bottle of sunshine bottled just for you! This essential oil awakens your senses with its stimulating aroma and refreshing properties. It fills your soul with a sense of energy and an optimistic outlook, like embracing life anew.

But that's not all - our luxurious oil is a versatile tool, as it can help to fight against bacteria and viruses. During the chillier months, it is perfect for cleaning the air around you, making you feel healthier and more grounded.

And if that isn't enough, our bundle of joy even comes with a recipe for our "cooling lemon wrap." Just mix 5 drops of Primavera Lemon Bio* and 1 tablespoon of sea salt, dissolve it in body-warm water, soak a cotton towel, wrap your calves, cover them with a dry towel and relax.

With its antibacterial and antiviral properties, our essential oil is a must-have in your medicine wardrobe. You can use it in different forms, from baths to massage oils, as a facial and body oil, or even as a therapeutic rub.

So, let your skin dance in the fresh aroma of Primavera Lemon Organic. Mix it with Primavera Almond Oil Organic using a maximum of 6 drops in 50 ml to produce a self-mixed cosmetic product, glowing with the sun, sparking energy and freshness like no other.

Primavera lemon organic, 50ml