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A fresh, fruity breeze from distant countries brings us the ethereal lemongrass oil. Lemon grass oil is ideal for refreshment on a strenuous, head -heavy working day. It makes us fit in the head, but doesn't turn up. It promotes creativity and logical thinking, sells listlessness and motivated. Can serve with insect defense.

Primavera lemongrass organic, 10ml

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Experience the refreshing breeze from faraway lands with our Primavera lemongrass organic essential oil. As you inhale its ethereal fragrance, feel yourself transported to a world of fruity delights and rejuvenating calmness. This oil is perfect for those days when stress and restlessness are taking a toll on your mind and body.

Let the invigorating aroma of lemongrass oil calm your senses and soothe your soul. Just a few drops in your fragrance lamp is enough to bring a sense of freshness and tranquility to your surroundings. The magic of this oil lies in its unique ability to produce different effects depending on its dosage. With just 1-3 drops, it can relax and calm you, while 4-6 drops will stimulate and energize your mind.

This oil is not only great for your mental well-being but also works wonders in repelling insects. Say goodbye to pesky bugs and pests with the help of our lemongrass essential oil.

Create your own haven of relaxation and opt for our "cooling foot bath" recipe, featuring our organic lemongrass oil. Just 2 drops mixed with peppermint and sea salt will give your feet the ultimate treat they deserve. Or try blending it with our organic lavender oil in the "mosquito fright" fragrance mix to keep the bugs at bay.

Our lemongrass organic essential oil is versatile and can be used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes too. It can be mixed with other oils to create the perfect massage blend, face and body oils or even incorporated into homemade cosmetics.

Bring calmness and serenity to your life with our Primavera lemongrass organic essential oil. Add a few drops to your shopping cart today and experience the magic of its aroma.

Primavera lemongrass organic, 10ml