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The herbaceous-fresh essential oil lavandine super organic* is rather stimulating and activating compared to the real lavender. It is ideal for disinfection and odor neutralization. It has an activating effect on a physical level and is therefore an interesting etheric oil for athletes.

Primavera Lavandin Demeter, 50ml

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Experience the breathtaking beauty of nature with Primavera Lavandin Demeter, a 50ml bottle of pure organic essential oil. Let the captivating aroma of herbaceous-fresh lavender fill your senses, as you indulge in its stimulating and activating properties.

This exquisite elixir is particularly effective for disinfection and odor neutralization, making it an ideal addition to your aromatherapy collection. Its activating qualities make it an essential oil of choice for athletes, providing the perfect invigorating boost to help you shine on and off the field.

Embrace the power of this pure and organic essential oil in your daily self-care routine with our easy-to-use recipe tips. Indulge in the refreshing notes of grapefruit and lavandin super organic, perfectly mixed with 50ml of organic almond oil for a sport massage oil like no other.

Whether you're looking to create your own facial and body oils, therapeutic massage oils, or the perfect bath additive, Primavera Lavandin Demeter is the versatile essential oil you've been waiting for. With just 4 drops in 50ml of organic almond oil, you can embrace the beauty of nature and the unparalleled power of organic aromatherapy with ease.

Breathe in the invigorating aroma of Primavera Lavandin Demeter and let nature's exquisite beauty embrace you today.

Primavera Lavandin Demeter, 50ml