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Hand hygiene is one of the most important measures to protect yourself. The freshly fragrant handwohl hygiene care spray with antimicrobially effective organic alcohol cleans and protects the skin evenly and reliably. The 100 % natural pure essential oils, in particular manuka oil, and organic plant water are known for their powerful protective, cleaning and skin -friendly effect. The spray offers a clean skin feeling, at home and on the go.

Primavera Handwell Hygiene care spray organic, 50ml

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In a world where our hands are constantly in use, from holding loved ones to creating enduring works of art, it's vital to keep them clean without sacrificing their natural beauty. And now, with Primavera Handwell Hygiene Care Spray Organic, you can do just that.

This pure elixir is nature's answer to hand hygiene, crafted with the finest organic ingredients that bring a sense of luxury to your daily routine. Infused with the power of 100% natural pure essential oils, this spray cleanses your hands thoroughly, while strengthening their resilience against environmental stressors.

Experience the magic of coveted manuka oil, known for its protective and balancing properties, as it envelops your hands with a sense of peace and tranquility. Revel in the luxurious blend of organic plant waters, including the clarifying thyme, refreshing litea bio, moisturizing rose water, and calming myrtle water, that soothe and nourish your delicate skin.

Breathe in the delightful fragrance that emanates from every spray and awaken your senses with its refreshing and alluring scent. This compact-sized bottle is perfect for on-the-go use, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a clean and protected hand wherever your heart takes you.

Incorporate Primavera Handwell Hygiene Care Spray Organic into your everyday routine and watch as the magic of nature transforms your hands into soft, supple and beautiful works of art. Let your hands be cradled by the tender love of nature and indulge them with the refreshing and protective cleanser they deserve. Embrace the power of nature today and let it awaken the romance of self-care in you.

Primavera Handwell Hygiene care spray organic, 50ml